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2012 Purging Goal, ACHIEVED!

Finally, Spring has arrived.
We have been sporting quite a warm and lovely weather since Thursday of last week. I took a lot of photos on all of the places we visited casually last weekend. When we got out of the house last Saturday, we just initially planned on running our usual weekend errands, but we took the nice weather as a sign to not waste our weekend. Hence, our happy feet strolled, explored and got tired!

As for my annual Spring cleaning, I am 100% done with my closet. I am so glad that I did not bit the bullet and bought something from these beautiful collection of fur jackets for sale even if they were on huge clearance, as there were no more space in our storage area. I just need to work on the husbo’s closet/work area and dear son’s very cluttered room which I think will take me weeks to finish.

Oh, I forgot that this is actually a beauty blog so have I done purging my make-up? It actually happened last quarter of 2012. My One Word for 2012 was PURGE or SIMPLIFY and I was so good at committing to my self-imposed-purse-shopping-ban. With make-up, I have been trying to control myself and would actually practice Tightwad’s 30-day habit which you have to wait for 30 days to purchase something. From 10 layers of make-up and beauty products, I was able to purge them to this and some other skincare products in my bathroom’s vanity. Although, there are a few addition to this since I took this picture around November of last year, I am still sticking up with my goal of not adding anymore new items just replenishing my staples.
PURGED 2012 achieved! From 12 layers to 1, everything else will be brought by mommy to Manila. #QualityOverQuantity #Minimalist #Staples #MustHaves

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