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MAC Archie’s Girls Collection spells TGIF!

This week seems to be one of my longest work-week. It has been both stressful and productive, work-wise. Hence, a week-ender haul (of shame) is in order. excuses. excuses. hee hee ;-) . Yes, I’m blogging about it as realtime as possible while my mojo is back and before I check this CC Outdoors Blog.

As soon as MAC teased most of us, make-up junkies with their Archie’s Girls Collection announcement last Fall, I knew I needed to get something from the collection even for the sole purpose of having a souvenir. Packaging over make-up’s worth. I’m weird like that.

Voila, in January 31 it went online but I had to control myself from immediately pressing the check-out button without at least researching swatches online. My world stopped, literally as all I ever did on my spare time was read reviews and checked swatches online (insert hashtag #MakeUpJunkieProblems). Nothing really excites me except the Betty Bright Lipstick and Flatter Me PearlMatte Powder. I proceeded to buy Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder online since everything was selling out so fast, thank God I did, no regrets! It’s nothing like I already have. More on this later when I do the individual reviews.

However, there aren’t any consistent swatches of the Betty Bright lipstick online. I needed to swatch it myself so I’ve waited until Thursday, Feb 7, the store launch. Unfortunately, my EQ failed me yet again as I have called my SA last Wednesday and pre-ordered not 1 but 2 lipsticks: Betty Bright and Daddy’s Little Girl. The latter is something I should’ve not gotten as I have a lot of dupes in my stash already, but I needed a reason to get something from the Veronica’s line. Growing up I adored her character over Betty’s. Excuses again! Oh well, only my make-up junkie friends would understand. Anyway, I’m glad I pre-ordered only to find out I would not have time to drop by the mall. My ever-thoughtful hubby offered to pick up my stash after work yesterday.

So before I officially enjoy my weekend, here are some photos I took using my phone cam. Individual reviews and swatches coming up shortly. I hope I find time.


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