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When to Dump Your Make-Up!

Image Swiped from Google Search.

Image Swiped from Google Search.

I bring you an old post which has been one of my blog’s highest hits.

Here’s a quick run down of the life span of Make-Up before I check on craviotto. I still wonder what Hoarders and Make-up Addicts/Junkies do when their Make-Up expires. I bet they just keep throwing them away to make room for newer ones.

This is one of the reasons I control myself from hoarding because I know it’s never healthy to use expired make-up.

  • MASCARA:4-6 Months
  • EYELINER:1 Year
  • LIPSTICK:8 Months
  • BRUSHES:A year of longer, even forever, depends on the brand and how you care for it.
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