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REVIEW: MAC Prep + Prime Lip

After almost a couple of years, I have finally used up my MAC Prep + Prime Lip, and so a review is in order. Don’t be fooled, this product does not come with a lot of quantity, it can be easily used up in say, 6 months X 1x/day. The only reason why I finished it up that long was because I seldom used it. As you may have noticed, there is still a tiny weeny bit of product left but I am so excited to bring this almost-empty packaging + 5 others to the MAC counter tomorrow and claim my free lipstick! More on the Back2MAC program later as I need to research on Navy challenge coins. Untitled Moving on to the review, there really is some advantage in using this but I can honestly say that this is just one of those products that are nice to have.

What is it? According to MAC’s product description:

“A colour-free base to wear under lipstick. Adds light moisture, smoothes and refines the lips. Improves the appearance of applied lip products.”

As for my own experience with this product, it definitely helps smoothen those fine lip lines especially when you wear matte lipstick. The longevity of your lipstick is highly improved. Though, one of my major concerns, is the way this product was made because mine got broken in about 2 weeks of usage and that is quite a bit of a letdown. I had to position the product every time I use it. I strongly recommend to open this product very carefully, if not slowly.

It also leaves a tacky feeling on my lips.  I would advice to skip this product, it is no better/no worse than my EOS lip balms, to emphasize, there is nothing that this lip primer can do that my Carmex lip balm can’t.



  • It does what it says, smoothens fine lines and improves the appearance of lipcolors.
  • I love the vanilla scent it has.


  • Expensive  for a lip primer, consider EOS or Carmex before checking this out.
  • Leaves a tacky feeling.
  • Gets broken off easily.

VANITY.KIT’s Rating: B


Ease of Use:



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