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Slow Recovery

Despite the slow recovery from the recession that started in 2007, children and families across the United States are improving their education and health. The Annie E. Case Foundation found that many of these same families, however, continue to struggle below the poverty line. Full-time work is still hard to find, and when people do find jobs, they often pay less than what they were making before the recession. An estimated 16 million children lived in poverty in 2011, a jump of 3 million in just 6 years. New health care programs instituted by the Affordable Care Act are expected to increase health insurance availability to low-income families starting in early 2014. Health care officials hope that this will help continue the trend of improving health. Low-income parents with children are doing all they can to keep their children healthy. Even though many families don’t have access to high-quality doctors, they are doing everything they can to educate themselves on how to improve their children’s health. Children are more susceptible to infectious diseases and malnutrition than adults, so it’s very important that low-income families give their children the nutrition they need. By buying unprocessed foods and Nature’s Plus Animal Parade children’s vitamin, parents are striving for a better chance at a full and healthy life. In terms of education, a federal program enacted by President Obama to enroll more children ages 3 to 4 into pre-school. Studies have shown that pre-school improves future school success.

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